Website Development and Hosting

An array of products from simple, static site development to dynamic data-driven web based business solutions.

Services and Technology

Services include everything from simple, single-page static site development to data-driven dynamic web based business solutions. We use some of the newest and most widely used technologies in developing your sites and applications including: ColdFusion, PHP, AJAX, jQUERY, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, PerlScript, MySQL/SQL.


Secure Your Data

If you're working with the sensative or private data of your customers or patients, keep it safe with our secure applications and encrypted data storage.

We offer options to a custom built secure login to your website where you have world-wide access to manage the site's content:

  • Change Content/Text
  • Upload Images
  • Modify Clients Accounts
  • Upload Documents Word/Excel/PDFs
  • Absolutely NO Coding Required

Sites and Applications

The websites and applications we develop range greatly from very basic, one page sites for personal use where the data doesn't change upto very large sites for businesses that use complex coding languages to give the site functionallity and allow it to store, edit and display data.

Among others, we use the following languages and technologies for this purpose:

  • Coldfusion
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • jQUERY
  • XML
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PerlScript

Database Technology

When working with dynamic or changing data, we utilize the most popular and widely used database technology and query language to provide the most safe, reliable and responsive sites and applications for our clients.

For database storage, management and manipulation, we use:

  • MySQL
  • XML
  • Access (Conversion to MySQL)

More Development

* all prices are per one month