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Vertical Access Solutions Inc. has over 28 years of combined experience in the industrial and commercial rope access field. With work experience across North America and Australia, VAS has a wealth of knowledge dealing with diverse clientele and safety standards in multiple industries. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and safety approach to every job we execute.

Quick to install and unobtrusive, rope access systems minimize disruption at ground level, enhancing site flexibility and maximizing overall site productivity. Our rope access teams offer a single source supply, combining both access and contracting trade skills as well as inspection and testing skills.

To ensure that our clients receive ongoing value and service, we are committed to providing superior customer service, driven by our experienced contract management capabilities, combined with our skilled, flexible, and highly responsive operational teams which provide us with strong, long term customer relationships.

What we do

Our Services

No project is outside of our scope of expertise

VAS services include but are not limited to:

  High rise building surveys, audits and leak detection

  Access, Maintenance and Cleaning in the industrial/commercial fields

  Advertising and other Signage

  Concrete coring and cutting

  Window washing

  Wind Turbine Maintenance and Inspection

  Bridge Inspection and Maintenance

  Standby Rescue

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Caledon, Ontario, Canada

(905) 452-4646


(905) 452-4646

Caledon, ON, Canada