Change the way you rent

Balo's collaborative rental tools lets you manage property and simplify the rental process.

Experience extraordinary functionality in one place

Our mission is to improve the rental experience whilst reducing costs through collaboration, transparency, better productivity and reduced vacancy times.

Highly Responsive

Balo is a cross platform we application that enables you to manage property end-to-end on any device 24x7.

Safe & Instant

Instant payments via direct debit, direct credit and compliant escrow services, avoids regulatory headaches like trust accounts and auditing

Truly Collaborative

A platform that connects relevant parties in every decision making process fostering greater transparency, inclusion, better productivity and customer satisfaction.

Intuitive & simple

Automated & intuitive workflows negates the need for training - smart design ensures that tasks are performed seamlessly.

Infinite Scale

Balo is built on a hybrid framework combining blockchain and cloud-based technologies to provide unparalleled speed and security, and manage infinite properties.

A smarter alternative

Balo enables infinite growth and the ability to manage teams and property anywhere. We're on a mission to change the way you rent.

Made for Property Managers

A complete set of online tools to manage and communicate with your landlords, tenants, and trades.

  • Get setup in minutes
  • Secure electronic agreements
  • Trusted instant payments
  • Clever rental applications
  • Automated maintenance
  • Personal collaboration
  • Visible key management
  • Sleek scheduled inspections
  • Team management

Empowering Tenants

Balo makes it easy to find your next home, you're responsible for verifying your identity, creating your Rental CV and its distribution. We do not expose your data without your permission, and your rights and privacy are maintained always. Balo lets you:

  • Verify your own identity
  • Create a Rental CV once to make unlimited applications
  • Split rent with roommates
  • Execute tenancy agreements electronically
  • Lodge & monitor repair requests
  • Personal collaboration via messenger 24x7
  • Participate in scheduled inspections
  • Multiple ways to pay your rent instantly

Designed for landlords

Balo enables landlords to view the activities relating to the management of their assets, and if required, are prompted when important decisions need to be made .

  • Executing electronic agreements
  • Tenant selection if required
  • Approving larger maintenance costs
  • Escrow services for non-urgent repairs
  • Instant payment, receipting & notifications
  • Split rent collection for multiple landlords
  • Rental activity tracking



Simplified for Tradies

Receive urgent and non-urgent repairs from your customers based on your availability and location. Balo's features include:

  • Automated job notifications
  • Simple quoting tools
  • Personal collaboration through to completion
  • Painless invoicing
  • Escrow services for larger jobs
  • Instant guaranteed payment upon approval
  • A small 7.5% fee is payable for every completed job.




Empowerment and inclusion for tenants and landlords alike

Balo helps property managers foster stronger relationships with their client base, keeping them engaged throughout the rental lifecycle.


For Property Managers


Smart management tools

  • Property listings
  • Complete payments
  • Tenant matching
  • Collaboration 24x7
  • Repairs, and more.
(760) 500-7869

For Tenants


Inclusive rental tools

  • Rental CVs & easy applications
  • Flexible payments
  • Collaboration 24x7
  • Repairs, and more
(513) 303-8553

For Landlords


Asset management tools

  • Instant payments
  • Collaboration 24x7
  • Instant notifications
  • Choice of repairs, and more

For Tradies

Small Fee

Tools to grow your business

  • Guaranteed jobs - 7.5% Fee
  • Speedy payments
  • Trusted network
  • Collaboration 24x7, and more
(920) 600-5568








Payments per week

Committed to supporting the real estate industry

Balo is a technology enabler that drives agency growth through increased productivity, and collaboration

Frequently asked questions

Does Balo have phone support?

In short, we don’t offer phone support. If you need our help though, we’re happy to assist via email or chat. You can get in touch with us here.

What property management tools does Balo provide?

Balo provides a comprehensive list of management tools through smart workflows including:

  1. A public listing service;
  2. eContracts including management authorities & leases;
  3. Rent affordability and matched applicants;
  4. Open home inspections;
  5. Full payment cycles
  6. Payment contracts that negate trust accounting;
  7. Reconciliation of accounts in real time;
  8. Key management;
  9. Scheduled routine inspections;
  10. Automated maintenance and repairs;
  11. Complete collaboration through every event;
  12. Collaborative tools that reduce cost & increase productivity;
  13. Document management;
  14. Dispute resolution & VCAT reports;
  15. Industry resilience against other disrupters;
  16. Happy tenants & satisfied landlords.

How does Balo ensure trust on the platform?

We’ve implemented state of the art identity verification with biometrics and fraud protection using know your customer (KYC) processes housed on blockchain technologies. This means that agents, landlords, tenants, and tradies need to verify their identity before using our platform. This avoid corrupt data, listings and users  transacting on our platform. These identities remain private and transferrable by users across the internet.

How much does Balo cost?

All of Balo’s core features are FREE for property managers, landlords, tenants and tradies.

Applications and online rent payments are free for renters, too. However, standard banking charges apply when making rent payments with a credit or debit card.

Identity verification (KYC) attracts a small fee of $5 that remains privateand the property of the user. Balo does NOT own personal data or information provided in a tenants rental CV. This is hosted in blockchain and is only shared at a users discretion.

Can I list properties on Balo?

Balo has a public listing service that you can list any property for sale or rent for FREE. Tenants and perspective buyers are matched for your convenience, and your listings are presented to them via their property feed, culminating in genuine leads and rent affordability.

How do tenants apply for listings?

Tenants create a rental CV and are automatically matched to properties based on preferences and affordability. Once their CV is complete, they can simply apply with the click of a button in their property feed.

Is there a limit to the number of properties I can manage?

No, you can manage as many properties as you like on Balo…It’s FREE forever!

Does Balo support multiple offices and team management?

With balo, you can setup multiple offices and create teams to allocate portfolios. Property managers can be allocated to more than one team, and even more than one agency.

How are repairs and maintenance managed?

Balo enables you to invite your tradies or access Balo’s network of trusted tradesmen to manage repairs. Landlords can even manage their own repairs. Balo simply notifies you of any request, and smart workflows see the job through to completion.

Why is there no need for demo's or on-boarding of customers?

We’ve made it super easy for you to manage this yourself, whether you’re big or small – Balo is designed to change the way you rent, making it simple, intuitive, and transparent.

How has Balo made Trust Accounting obsolete?

New payment technologies have enabled instant payments with smart workflows to ensure that landlords get paid on time, agencies receive their fees and tradies no longer need to chase payments. Balo guarantees that everyone gets paid when they need to and issues receipts accordingly.

How does Balo make money?

Whilst Balo provides every tool you need to manage rental properties at no cost, we do charge fees for value added services. These include:

  • tenant matching if they are sourced from the Balo network ($50);
  • lease preparation only if charged by the agency (50% fee);
  • maintenance and repair fees if performed by tradesmen on the Balo network. If agencies have their own tradies then no fees are charge;
  • Surplus rent if Balo obtains a higher rent (50% of the additional amount)

We provide a fair and transparent revenue model that only applies if our platform yields a greater return for users.

Is Balo available in my country?

Currently, Balo is only available in Australia. That means that we only support property listings in Australia, and we can only process payments to and from Australian based bank accounts.

But this doesn’t stop you from using Balo anywhere in the world to manage or oversee property. In fact, Balo enables landlords connectivity with their property managers from anywhere.

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