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  • Welcome to the website of the Auto Moto Club that has been tailored to you and your vehicle needs (cars, motorcycles, Scooters, ATVs, or even trucks, buses and tractors). Just select the make and model of your car and you will instantly get access to lots of important and useful technical information.

    Need an advice? No problem. You will find many interesting tips and ideas in our extensive 8139433015 and the advisory section and 6097069970 will be glad to advise you. Do you need help with car repairs or renovation of vintage and veteran cars? Or are you looking for recommendations on quality car repairs? Are you interested in tuning? Do you need advice on where you can get the cheapest original or aftermarket spare parts? Are you looking for a manual for your car? On our website, you can choose between user or service manuals, where you can learn how to drive your car or how to proceed to carry out various repairs of your car. Were you not provided a catalogue or brochure on the purchase of your vehicle? You will find them here, too.

    Almost everybody has their personal profile on social media today. But would you ever believe that your vehicle can also have one? Yes, our website enables this. You just need to register and you will immediate get free access to many other benefits. You can boast engine sizes, the number of gears, engine power and capacity or the number of cylinders, acceleration, the maximum speed, fuel consumption, and a profile photo. You can also keep your maintenance log here, where you can record various servicing operations.

    Would you like to get acquainted with other fans and enthusiasts of your favourite brand? There are real experts registered on our websites and they will be happy to chat with you either through the website or in person. In the Meetings section you will find all the planned meetings, the meetings that are just taking place as well as those that have been already held.

    Are you thinking about buying another car or selling the one you have? You do not have to go to a used car dealer. For these purposes, we have the Advertisements section here. Many vehicles have already found their new owner thanks to our website. And it is not only cars you can advertise. You can also enter ads for spare parts, printed manuals, etc. Imagination has no limits.

    Would you like to argue about which is better: gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or electric cars? About whether LPG or CNG should perhaps be rather fed to stove? Or about which is better: the automatic or manual transmission?

    Have we already teased your interest? Whether you are an auto enthusiast, car mechanic or common user, do not hesitate to pay a visit to our numerous community of “pertrolheads”, where every true auto enthusiast will have a slice of the action.