Who We Are

With years of experience behind us, our burning passion is what drives us forward. Here at Nucleus Gaming, our love of gambling inspires us to create state-of-the-art, superior quality games that we, as players, would enjoy.

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Fresh and Fun

Our newest addition to video slots, Merlin's Element, will take you on a magical journey. With spells that will wash you away with waves, rain down meteors, summon tornados, and light the reels ablaze, you'd think you'd seen it all, until you enter the second screen free spins floors, where either nature or the heavens will take your breath away, offering all the thrills you would expect from a Nucleus game.


Mobile Gaming

Our amazing portfolio of games come to life on the iOS and Android mobile platforms like never before, so players can play on the go.

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Adapted for Mobile Devices

Multi-Resolution Techniques

Why it is so important

  • In 2014, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage, accounting for 60 percent of internet access
  • 80 percent of all internet users own smartphones
  • 25 percent of internet users only access the internet via a mobile device in the United States
  • 164.9 million people in US play games on mobile devices
  • 15 percent of all time spent on smartphones is spent gaming

In the Future

  • By 2018, it is estimated that 168 million people will have gambled via mobile device
  • By 2018, the amount of bets placed via mobile devices is expected to exceed $100 Billion

The Essence of Gaming

More than 70 titles
True 3D
Cinematic Games
Adapted for
Mobile Devices

Welcome to the center of it all, the living heart of Nucleus Gaming. Our broad repertoire of premium content includes games that cater to all tastes. We focus on richly developed themes to drive our visually intense, three dimensional games. Strong mathematic models support all our games to provide players with the most enriching gaming experience. We proudly offer a catalog of more than 70 games, each one crafted to exacting specifications unmatched by the competition.

Experience the primal power of Nucleus Gaming by playing demonstration versions of each game. Then contact our sales team to learn how you can take your operation to next level.

Our Games

Release date: 16 of November 2018

Slip into the sands of time as you search Egypt for The Scroll of Horus. Seek out its sacred knowledge to unlock Scatter Wins and Free Spins. Not just any ordinary Free Spins, these spins, blessed by the Gods, contain a powerful bonus symbol, increasing the chance of delivering unto you the treasures of the Ancients. No adventure is a misadventure with the Scroll of Horus.

Sands Of Egypt

Sands Of Egypt

Release date: 27 of September 2018

Journey to the furtile cresent and live among the Gods in SANDS OF EGYPT. Indulge in the scenic visage of the ancient city as you collect symbols of the Gods advancing different trails in a revolutionary trail system. Work toward 3 different types of free spins, and a massive Jackpot that is as monumental as the treasures of Egypt themselves.

Sweet Treats 2

Sweet Treats 2

Release date: 08 of June 2018

Indulge in the fast paced and delightful exploding cluster-win slot that is gaurenteed to be a treat! Sweet Treats 2 has all the same fun and excitement of the original, with even more features to enjoy. With Free Spins, Level Ups, a chocolate bomb, and NEW special candies, including a Jelly Bean Cannon and a Candy Hammer, playing this game is 2 Sweet.  

Soaring Wind

Soaring Wind

Release date: 10 of April 2018

Soar into the splendor of the untamed wild. Lead yourself to big wins by finding the scattered Shamans, or climb the WILD mountain peaks. Seek the Eagle's Golden Orb on each reel and be rewarded with 98 FREE SPINS, that can be retriggered up to 240 spins at any given time! Find your wings on Soaring Wind and feel how rewarding it is to fly!

Ruby Jade

Ruby Jade

Release date: 16 of March 2018

Roam through the wilderness with Ruby Jade. Collect symbols and watch them EXPLODE! The power of the explosions can turn coal into RUBIES! Up to 50 Free Spins await if you can find Ruby Jade on all 5 reels! Explore and get rewarded with Ruby Jade!

Savanna Safari

Savanna Safari

Release date: 26 of February 2018

Journey to exotic lands for Savanna Safari! Find yourself in the bush tracking exciting creatures and hunting for your BIG PRIZE! The power of the sacred spirit tree is SCATTERED along the reels and it brings about great fortune and FREE SPINS! WILD masks help explorers find riches, while in Free Spins, the wilds MULTIPLY and grant trophy size rewards. Have the experience of a lifetime with Savana Safari!


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