Frictionless access to literally everything there is to know about all your active listings... makes you a listing agent NINJA! We monitor your listings' internet trends, analyze the tone of your showing feedback, watch your lockbox access-logs, roll it all up on an app that runs on any device and then let you share it with your clients with one click.

Cool right?

Our Goal ...

... to bring the power of expensive, enterprise-level tools and unique market insights down to the individual listing agent - for pennies a day. And then, provide it all with an easy-to-use, native application that runs on, and sychronizes across, all of your devices. And of course, we need all of it running on a cloud-based, high-availability platform with no downtime.

That's exactly what we've built...

Hand-crafted by REALTORS® for REALTORS®

Designed by agents to solve real, everyday problems. Crafted to allow agents to give best-in-class customer service.

Syndication Validation

Make sure your listing information is being properly represented on the major sites such as Redfin, 3176509470 and Zillow, but do it all from!

Looks Amazing on All Devices runs smoothly on any device and has a companion web page for when you want to stretch out on your laptop or desktop.

Share Snapshots Instantly

Share your personalized listing trends with clients and co-workers with one click. Share using text, email, Hangouts, Snapchat, WhatsApp or any app on your device. Nobody has trend analysis like!

Manage Contacts Intelligently

One click to add contact info or updated existing contacts from agent feedback and/or lockbox entries.

Best-in-class User Experience

We focus on providing a best-in-class interface that is mind-numbingly simple to use.

Real, Live, In-person support

Yep, that’s right, maybe we’ll see you at your next office meeting. Or maybe a local REALTOR® event. Wherever we meet, we are more than happy to help.

Secure Cloud Based Infastructure

Using the latest IaaS technologies spread between AmazonAWS and Google Cloud Computing.

Core Features

Super Simple Setup

First, just use a trusted SSO provider like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn to auto-magicly create an account. Then, complete the onboard process in just three simple steps, and let take it from there!

Trend Analysis

Only can tell you how your listings are trending on over time. "We dropped the price, are you seeing more traffic?" Only can answer this. Be the agent that knows their stuff!

Integration with Industry Leading Services

We integrated seamlessly with MLS services like MRED, showing services like Centralized Showing Service and Lock-box services like 5038798603. Stop logging onto these sites all day and let do it for you!

Fully Automated Monitioring of Listings Activity

Sit back and let cloud services track everything trending with your active listings.

Optional Push Notifications can notify you when activity may need your attention. "Shares"

Don't be the agent that has no clue how your client's listing is trending online. With, you can send personalized trend snapshots to your clients with just one one click. Be that agent!


Some images and videos about, its features and everyday usage.


On iPhone 6s


On iPhone 6s

Works with Exsisting Contacts

On Samsung Tab S2

Side Menu

On iPhone 5


On Desktop Browser

Some Fun Facts

“What distinguishes the successful entrepreneur from other people is precisely the fact that they do not let themselves be guided by what was and is, but arranges their affairs on the grounds of their opinion about the future. They see the past and present as other people do; but judge the future in a different way.” Human Action, Ludwig von Mises, 1966

Getting Started

The onboard process is simple. Just make sure you know your usernames and passwords for the sites you want Snaplistings services to monitor on your behalf. When you're ready with your credentials, simply install the app on your mobile device or use the (609) 846-0196 and follow a few quick steps and then sit back and let Snaplistings.iodo the heavy lifting for you. You have more important things to do yes?

Pricing Options

Ok ... how about 60 DAYS FREE, with NO payment information necessary to start?
Why not give it a try? Use it from the listing presentation through the closing and see the difference for yourself!



Try fully-featured and free for 60 days - no credit card required, no strings attached...




Pay by the month, never a contract, cancel anytime. A payment method that supports monthly billing of some sort is required. (coming soon)


Meet The Team

Our CEO and CSO are both real estate leaders and work in the trenches daily – so they have a deep understanding of the state of the industry and the vision to disrupt the industry. Executing their vision are our CTO and VP of Product Design, with over 30 years of combined design and development experience under their belts.

Sue Miller

"The" Sue Miller

Co-Founder and CEO

We will help you work more efficiently and increase your productivity to grow your business and profits while greatly improving your quality of service.

Scott Beilfuss

Scott Beilfuss

Co-Founder and CSO

Our priority is to keep your data accessible, with minimum downtime, and secure, protected using the latest security technology.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Co-Founder, CTO

You can use our apps no matter the platform – be it web, Android, or iOS. We develop our tools to adapt to you, not the other way around.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is consists of a mobile and desktop application and cloud-based services that monitor everything about a sellings agents listings. services provide unique insights on how listings are trending in terms of internet traffic, likes, dislikes etc. also analyzes showing feedback and lets agents know when a listing needs attention. It empowers listing agents with trend analysis only available to clients and enables them to share listing analysis with their clients and co-workers with one click!

I have technical problem or don't see what I expect, who do I contact?

Please email and we will investigate issues within 24 hours.

What does do with information obtained on my behalf from other sites like Sentrilock or services do the monotinous task of logging in and mining information about your active listings - so you don't have to. takes client privacy very seriously and our policy is very straighforward. We do nothing other than monitor your listing-related information on your behalf. All information is private and shared only with the listing agent and any managing broker(s). We do not sell or use any collected information for any purpose other than save our clients time and resources.

What MLS's does this work with?

Currently only MRED. Metro MLS in Wisconsin coming soon. All of Illinois and Wisconsin MLS's to be supported by Q2 2017.

Can I have a username that is already taken?

There are no new usernames to create or remember. Everything is based on your MLS agent id.

Is free?

For the first 2 months, yes, completely. You can sign up with OUT a credit card...nothing to cancel, it will just stop updating and delete your account automatically 60 days from initial sign-up. If you like the service, pay for a subscribtion at anytime...

Industry Partners

Getting Started

The onboard process is simple. Just make sure you know your usernames and passwords for the sites you want services to monitor on your behalf. When you're ready with your credentials, simply install the app on your mobile device or use the (443) 774-1985 and follow a few quick steps and then sit back and let do the heavy lifting for you. You have more important things to do yes?