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We are a deliberately small consultancy with only very experienced practitioners employed, so you don’t talk to an experienced person during the sales pitch and then the job gets handed to an inexperienced person to do the work. Nor do we borrow your watch to tell you the time.

We are therefore a consultancy with a difference, we have done the walk as well as the talk, with over 70 years of practical business knowledge between the two Directors.

An extensive list of very carefully chosen associates in a wide range of disciplines has been built up to compliment our skills to provide an impressive one stop shop for all your consultancy needs. This means we can accept large or small commissions and projects, all dealt with by the operating Directors on a personal basis.

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When you contact us we will look at the issues and if we can’t help we will tell you so and point you in the direction of people who can, we will be totally honest and up front.

If we can help we will identify the key areas for change in order to bring in a solution that is appropriate and not just some theory that sounds good. As part of our services we help you develop your company’s ability to address future similar problems in house by careful mentoring of the key people who will make it happen.

Either big or small, domestic, retail, commercial or industrial we have the knowledge and the experience to help your improve your business and your people.

Whether it is to double the size of the company, increase exports, cut costs and reduce waste, improve the knowledge of employees and owners or to pull together plans we have the right people and the right skills to assist you. In short we can provide significant profit increases both in short term actions and long term planning.

Kerr Consulting Ltd - If you need knowledge and experience.

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Business Strategy

Getting the business direction right is crucial, we will ensure you get on the right track. We do this for all sizes of businesses in all types of markets.

Business Planning

Planning key business improvements from single point practitioners to multinational companies, we give the same thorough and expert guidance.


Development and implementation of the appropriate marketing strategy for you business including establishing key measurements.


We not only assist you in creating the plan we also help you implement it in such a way as to show you how to do it for yourself or for your staff.