How Can FamilyPal Help Me And My Family?

FamilyPal can help you be the consistent parent that we know you strive to be every day.

“There are few principles of parenting more important than consistency. Living in a predictable environment is comforting to children. It makes them feel secure. This is achieved when parents conform to a regular pattern of rules and routines. When children live in an inconsistent environment, where rules are enforced one day but not the next, and when bedtime is at 8:00p.m. one night and 10:00p.m. the next night, they become confused. They also act out more and are more difficult to discipline.”
                                                            -Tom McMahon, Counselor and Renown Parenting Expert

Tools and Benefits You Can Share

They say it takes a village – let FamilyPal and its features be part of yours.

• Keep track of multiple schedules, all in one convenient place
• Know where your child should be, and when on any given day
• View and sort schedules by type of activity, caregiver, and child
• Share important information with your child’s other caregivers to help ensure seamless transitions between households
• Receive updates and notifications in real time when any changes are made to your child’s schedule or routine
• Manage standard, repeating custody schedules with the Custody Manager tool
• Create easy exceptions to your normal custody schedule
• Coordinate logistical challenges with your child’s other caregivers and family members
• Keep lists of ongoing activities and important details of those activities, such as equipment inventories and contact numbers
• Maintain a consistent parenting relationship and environment for your children across households

And more to come…

• Track financial contributions and expenses per caregiver or household
• Share shopping lists and household clothing inventories
• Stay up-to-date on health issues, doctor appointments, and medication schedules

“FamilyPal Knows Consistency is Key”.