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"When you're shaking with fresh herbs you just need to roll it a little bit. You just want to rock it, don't let it fall asleep."- Daniel Hyatt, The Alembic

“We incorporate things you don’t really expect in cocktails – vinegars, mushrooms, bacon - just kind of off the wall like beets in cocktails.” - Jeff Hollinger, Absinthe

“Making a great cocktail is only a small part of what bartending is all about.” – Ryan Fitzgerald, Beretta

“In San Francisco we try to be as seasonal as possible, there’s amazing farmers raising amazing produce. So we try to stay true to the season.” - Camber Lay, Epic Roasthouse

“It’s really amazing to see the sort of evolution process of people getting really excited first of all just with fresh ingredients…” - Jackie Patterson, Heaven’s Dog

“I was inspired to make this cocktail while actually eating a scone –I had a ginger-pear-fennel scone and I thought…man that would make a great cocktail!” - Michael Callahan, Gitane

“We know what we know and we know it really well but it’s not what motivates us. What motivates us is shared experience.” – Duggan McDonnell, Cantina

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