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Hong Kong Server

The Hong Kong data center combine with international mixed BGP, which is directly connected to China's backbone network through CN2
  • Five-star, featuring high-configuration and low-price product
  • 24 hours technical online support
  • fast reponse to any failures of various lines
  • provide IPMI, self-manage tool via public network
  • provide a variety of data services
  • provide redundant network equipment and transmission

U.S. Server

The USA data center offers large block of IPv4 allocation,IPv6 enabled. Data center has more than 150Tbps capacity
  • Stable Connection

    North American network Internet exchange point, connects three major bandwidth service provider: Level (3), XOC and BTN.

  • Comprehensive services

    Tier3 data center, facilities management team 24/7 monitoring, BMS management system monitoring.

  • Technical support

    24/7 online, dealing with various hardware and network failures, attacks and other problems, and guaranteeing 99.99% availability

  • Perfect defense

    NP firewall + gold shield firewall (special anti-cc) + related equipment, perfect defense against all kinds of attacks.

(519) 352-6452

Korea Server

The Korea servers with high defense have independent high defense of Korea KT+LG+SKI+ONS joint line, is equipped with 10000M glod shield NP enterprise firewall, and is fully protected against various attacks such as DDoS/CC/SNY.Some models can provide IPMI, and self-management is more convenient.
  • Network environment

    servers have fast network speed, close to the continental physical line, and the speed is comparable to domestic BGP in China.Data center has 271G international export broadband, with default bandwidth of 10M and 20M for each one.

  • Firewall

    DDOS+CC protection system established by Cisco, JUNIPER, IPS and Proud shield);Gold shield 4000+ hardware protection.

  • Support service

    Chinese support is one-on-one 24Hour online, real-time safety network monitoring, real-time monitoring of MRTG traffic, and the connection rate is over 99.99%.

(541) 990-5522

Our advantages

personalized solutions
Provide personalized solutions

For enterprises, they hope that their servers can be normally accessed and their reading and writing operations can be protected and controlled to avoid threats and prevent and defend against attacks by network hackers

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

Humanized service standards in mainland, providing 24-hour continuous technical Support. IPMI is available and self-management is more convenient.

Free worry-free service

All the products comply with international authoritative quality system ISO9001, ISO27001 certification standards, to avoid your worries

Free worry-free service
Win-win cooperation

From technology access to service support, rich and perfect operation experience helps partners to fly faster

Win-win cooperation


In 2009

EasyLink brand was founded


Service for 100,000+ customers


Direct data centers


The stock of IP addresses exceeds 260,000

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