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Cape Verde is held up as an example to Africa.

One of only a few countries ever to be promoted from the United Nations’ “Least developed nation” category to “Middle income country” status, Cape Verde can be justifiably proud as it is quite an achievement for a group of islands barely heard of a decade ago.

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In May 2011 a group of volunteers created the Association Castelos do Sal, a non-profit association whose main goal is meeting the basic needs of children and young people in the areas of education, health and nutrition.


Islands like Cape Verde are powerhouses of biodiversily. When Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in 1838, he was fascinated by the massive ground turtles and large number of indigenous plants and animals. Ever since Charles Darwin's explorations, the world's islands have played a major role in the study of ecology, evolution and behaviour, and contributed immensely to the understanding of life on Earth.


The name Manuel Lopes Andrade may not be well known to all, but he is one of the most promising artists in Cape Verdean music, more commonly known as Tcheka. He has a very successful career which started ten years ago, doing concerts that have taken him to all four corners of the world as well as four well-received albums.
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