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Checklist Boards is your worldwide source for checklist/slider boards to ensure process adherence and error prevention in any industry or situation. We empower through well-designed and and highly visible checklists. Safety instructions, processes and procedures are clear and visible with our Checklist Boards. When an issue does arise, you can be certain that items on a useful checklist have been eliminated and you can then look for the root cause of a missed step or problem.

Place a checklist in any open area for everyone to see.
We create checklists that work because they are direct, clear and visible. This simple yet highly effective safety-net empowers people of all levels to manage critical medical, manufacturing, food service, retail procedures and more. Our checklists are proven  to simplify multi-step processes, improve team dynamics in any environment and prevent errors.

Our Solutions are Proven
Checklist Boards have aided in the reduction of blood infections and the possibility of malpractice lawsuits in health care, lowered the chance for workplace injuries in multiple industries and have improved workplace communication and relationships because procedures are handled properly and to agreed upon specifications.

To develop a custom checklist for your environment – please visit our store.

NHRA Checklist
Case Study
In professional racing and operating rooms alike, checklists have to be followed in order to prevent errors. Whether performing a procedure on a patient in a hospital operating room or servicing an 8000 horsepower nitro methane engine on Melanie Troxel's NHRA Funny Car, there are certain steps that need to be followed to realize success all the time. This racing checklist is customized by the Crew Chief and the team to maintain a flawless run on the track. As in the operating room, there is absolutely no place for errors. Contact us about our custom checklist capabilities.