Information Overload?

I believe you can never have too much information. What some people call "information overload" is usually one of these three problems:

  1. raw data has been gathered but hasn't yet been processed into useful information;
  2. too much misinformation and disinformation;
  3. asking the wrong questions and getting the wrong answers.

I can help you turn data into information and eliminate the overload of misinformation by asking the right questions, gathering the important data, and analyzing, organizing, processing and presenting the information you need. I also offer training in all aspects of information retrieval, organization, analysis, and presentation.


Whether it's walking the streets of Emeryville to count the number of housing units and factories, or descending into the basement of the Stanford Library to look at 50-year-old government documents, I believe that sound research is the foundation of every information project. The creation of the internet has added a new dimension to research: many of the most useful government statistics are now available online, but there is also still a need to know where the bodies are buried, how deep to dig, and a willingness to put in the leg work to get there. I have experience in both the old and the new methods of research, from law libraries to field studies; from surveys to web searches.


I have written everything from a two-sentence advertisement to a 233-page masters thesis, and everything in between. For the last several years I have specialized in writing housing elements, a required element of the general plan, for California cities, and commentaries on environmental impact reports. I have written for two newspapers, the Oakland Observer and the Glen Park Perspective, and designed and produced newsletters for several nonprofit organizations. I have also produced numerous research reports and political pamphlets and, for a short time, published my own newsletter on Redwood City development issues.


Data alone is not very useful; it must be processed into information. Using a variety of statistical methods and spreadsheet analysis techniques, I can find the hidden patterns beneath the surface.


From simple tables to complex spreadsheets and relational databases, I can organize your data for quick retrieval and analysis.


An appropriate presentation can make the difference in any project. I can provide the best means of presenting information.


I am a state-certified vocational education teacher, ready to serve your needs for individual or group instruction in:

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