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Orlind Construction, Inc. is a WOSB/SDB/DBE/WBE Certified, Women Owned Small Business serving as a General Contractor in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our clients include government agencies, state and local authorities, transportation agencies, military agencies, schools, universities and hospitals.

Our diverse team of qualified professionals has the ability to undertake work with Commercial, Institutional and governmental agencies at all levels.

The structure of the company is very flexible which permits us to function well within a routine schedule or if necessary, to seamlessly switch to an emergency situation. The team's size and breadth of expertise enables us to exercise strict control over quality and scheduling, allowing us to complete projects on time and within budget.


Our mission is to assure that our client's interest and Orlind's reputation are equally emphasized throughout the duration of the project.  


Our philosophy. We are not in this business for practice, we do it to earn a living.  We earnestly believe our high volume of repeat business is only achieved by doing quality work at a competitive price.

  Linda Orr founded Orlind in 1994 as a $20,000 start-up and achieved significant progress through dedicated leadership and vision. She built the company from $400,000 in sales to $7 million in sales while gaining exposure to every facet of new construction for commercial, industrial and residential projects as well as extensive renovations.
Our Professional expertise includes General Contractor/ Construction Management Company for 19 years of responsibility in bringing projects from conception to completion.
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