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Since 1997, Blair Fisher and his team at Easy Green Lawn Sprinklers have delivered the finest lawn sprinkler and irrigations installation service in Vancouver. Superior service coupled with the finest materials you could want have made us a true leader in our field.

Before creating and running his own company, Blair finely honed his expertise by spending many years installing and servicing Vancouver lawn sprinkler systems for Colliers Irrigation. This time was invaluable in learning everything there is to know about lawn sprinkler installation and quality service.

Over the years Blair has become a leading expert when it comes to installing lawn sprinkler systems on residential and commercial properties in and around Vancouver.

"I have the expertise to do any lawn sprinkler or irrigation job of any size or complexity in the Vancouver area. My personal product preference is Toro. I feel Toro sprinkler systems are the hardiest equipment on the market. Although, I will install any brand at the client's request."

Blair Fisher - owner/operator, Vancouver Lawn Sprinklers

We are actively looking to attract new clients. At Easy Green Lawn Sprinklers we take pride in all our work and believe our products and our service to be the very best you will find. Please do not hesitate to contact us for and quick and motorphobe.


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