We are proud to offer a variety of healing modalities at Prana Holistic. While most of our services require you to come to us, we also provide services virtually – homeopathic care, nutrition counselling, and cleanses, as well as general advice from our About You form. You can see a complete list in the Services… Continue Reading


About Prana

Our Mission To provide people with an uplifting and supportive atmosphere in which to challenge the direction of their lives and evolve an innovative path of their own creation, while maintaining and improving the health of the practitioner, the community and the environment. We want people to realize they do not have to live their… (305) 206-7750

How Do You Do Prana

Prana Holistic is proud to offer many different healing modalities under one roof. Sometimes, that means it can be overwhelming to  figure out what is the best thing for you. Check out this easy flow chart for more information on how to start!


What Our Clients Say…

I’ve been going to Prana for 5 years. In that time, if I can quote the book of The Lorax, I biggered! I biggered my life….and everyday I continue to bigger, and bigger and bigger. Without Prana, their love and dedication to helping me save myself and create a biggered life I don’t dare to think of where… 9175789949



Ready to book your session? We now have online booking available! Click here to book your session now! Please note that not all sessions or therapists are bookable online – if you need assistance or support, we are always ready to help! Just call 780.454.5299 One last thing – it is important to us that… 2082508368

Welcome to Prana Holistic

                  Sharon & Kristi
At Prana Holistic, we truly believe that pain IS optional, not required! We are a multi-disciplinary holistic health clinic where we hope to introduce you to the possibility of the life you could lead and the possibilities available to you when you are truly living into your best health, your giddiest happiness and your wildest success!

Prana Holistic was created as a vessel for a highly integrated team that puts the client first. Unlike the traditional model, where a client would come to see a practitioner, the clients at Prana Holistic are coming for a total health solution, the result of a highly motivated and cohesive team structure absent from the current system of holistic healing.