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The assumed sequence of the work with the character

  1. Read the about section.
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The author's interests and a small part of his Universe

  • Scientific interests:

    • collecting and analyzing various large data sets (optic, text, number etc.);
    • programming (Python);
    • optical recognition;
    • prototyping (models and prototype of devices for a data mining, Arduino, Raspberry Pi);
    • physical methods of analysis (X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, chromatography, optical control);
    • technology of production of mineral fertilizers;
    • statistics;
    • teaching chemistry and informatics (both in school and in university).
  • The main places of accumulation of experience:

    • Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow;
    • 'School #31', Balashikha, Moscow district;
    • Institute for Analytical Instrumentation Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg;
    • JSC 'Scientific Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insectofungicides', 'PosAgro' company.
  • Personal interests:

    • programming;
    • science;
    • teaching;
    • self-education;
    • playing piano, ballroom dancing and volleyball.

Contact and communication

It represented by various social network and other resources links. The preferred method is:

e-mail: Dm.Yunovidov@gmail.com

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