The Gym Bar
  • Written by C. Butts
  • December 16th, 2015
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The Gym Bar

If you’re like me, life is too hectic to spend time on both fitness and drinking activities. So why not combine them and knock out both at once? Imagine walking into the “gymbar", with a fancy RFID wrist band that grants you access to a glass door inside the lobby. This bracelet records your fitness activity at each weight or cardio station, and allows the fit wait staff to take your drink orders as you progress through your workout. A central database records your fitness and intake and reminds you to drink water or more alcohol through a convenient smartapp on your phone.

Homeless Donation App

Homeless Donation App

Create a cellphone app that allows the user to donate something to a homeless person. The user would be able to donate a meal, or item. The person that they are donating to would only be able to receive that particular meal or item. This would prevent the scenario of someone asking for money for food but using it to buy illegal goods.

Pager Smart Watch
  • Written by A&C
  • December 1st, 2015
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Remeber Beepers? Large, clunky devices clipped to our belts that only provided one function, to receive short small text messages and alert us to find the nearest payphone. They are now obsolete excluding the medical field and some other prehistoric corporate positions.

Verbose Electronic Receipts

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Receipts are useful for keeping track of items purchased and especially useful when returning an item. However, they require you to keep up with the physical receipts which often fade and are lost. Looking at your online bank statements can show you the total amount spent for each purchase but not the items in that purchase.

Bad Business Ideas
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