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 Connectivity Solutions



Cables, Converters, Adapters, Connectors...
Over 5,000 Products, Fiber and Copper Cables

Pin-to-Pin Cable Diagrams
Over 62 million diagrams, covering all Interface Standards and hardware types from A to Z.

IEC Connectivity Showcase
 Cables, Adapters, Converters, and Wireless Solutions

USB Security Port Blocker, Blocking USB Ports
Prevent outsiders from connecting Pen Drives and other devices to your computers to copy / steal data, introduce viruses etc.

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Over 5,000 ready-to-ship connectivity products, both Fiber and Copper. Discover products from the most advanced AV or SAS/SATA  Cables to old Atari or Apple Adapters. The Custom Cable division is ready to satisfy your requirements with high-grade build-to-spec manufacturing.

Custom OEM Equivalent Cables & Distribution Products

Gold Quality AV Adapters, Extenders, Fiber, Copper
Over 6000  Cutting Edge connectivity solutions...  A must for all demanding consumers

Connectivity Tech Library
Your SOURCE for Technical Information, Technical Contacts and Technical Support for all your connectivity projects.

Lindy Showcase
Displaying the most complete array of connectivity products and services for ALL your networking and hardware installation needs.


Fibre & Copper Cables, Military, Industrial and Communications

Electronic Connectors - Wire to Wire, Wire to Board, Board to Board

Computer Cables

Aluminum Fabrication

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Cable Strain Reliefs

Medical Cables and Lead Wires

MIL SPEC Cables, Overmolding Custom Cables

Electrical / Industrial Connectors



Computer Hardware Products

Data Cabinets and Racks

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Audio Video, Computer Cables & AV Electronics

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Hard to Find Cables and Adapters

Computer Cables, Network Cables and More...

Discount Computer Cables

Built-to-Spec Cables, Wire Harnesses


Quality Cables and Electronics Supplier & Distributor

Data Cabinets & Racks

Cables, Converters and Adapters

DVI & HDMI Cables

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Medical Cables


OEM & Custom Cable Manufacturing

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Cable de Computadora y Accesorios(Spanish)

Cables and Accessories - Over 5,000 Products

Network Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures


Featured Website - Highest Quality Data and Communications Cables from one of the Best Manufacturers in the US
ISO 9001:2008

Best Dermatologist' Care


Doctor's Choice for Healthy Skin

Fiber Cables and Copper Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies and Electromechanical Wire Harnesses

Audio Video and Computer Products

FFC - Flexible Flat Cable Assemblies, FPC / FFC bulk Cable Manufacture

Cyber Security Products

Copper and Fiber Cables

Filtered Connectors

MIL-SPEC Thermocouple Contacts

Fiber Cables, Military - Commercial - MTP

Classic Legendary Shaving Cream


Military Dust Caps

Career Counseling to College Graduates

Server Cabinets - USA Manufacturing


Harsh Environment Waterproof Connectors, Industrial Protective Dust Cap Covers, Mil Spec Sealed Interconnects


Classroom Furniture

Server Racks & Cabinets for Data Centers, Telecom, Industrial and Heavy Duty Applications

Electrical Connectors - One of the Largest Connectors Inventory in the World


Advanced Connectivity Showcase: Cables, Adapters, Converters, and Wireless Solutions

Network Cable Assemblies â€" Copper and Fiber Optic Patch Cables

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(402) 508-5159

Electric Vehicle Cable

(218) 359-7359

Cables Store - Buy Cables, Adapters, Accessories and Installation Parts

Displayport Extenders 1600p

Custom & Standard Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services

Structured Cabling Products - Cat6A, Cat6, Cat5E, Voice and Fiber Cabling Components

(610) 504-1419

Electrical Connectors - MIL, MIL Style, Industrial, Harsh Environment, Medical, Special Applications


Patch Cables: Cat6, Cat6 Crossover, LC Fiber, MTRJ Fiber, SC Fiber, ST Fiber, Cisco Cables, V.35 Cables

MTP Fiber Cables

Server Rack Manufacturer and Supplier

USB Security - Port Block


Fiber Patch Cords

Cables Store with over 6000 Products

Custom Cable Manufacturing

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Electronic Equipment Cabinets - Dimensions Guide & Features

Custom Cable Manufacturing


Corning Trunk Cables


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